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Chocolat Gaslamp Gelato

To understand the quality of our ice cream, it is important to know some of the sweet details. We use 6 tons of cocoa per year and our chocolate mixtures are made from six different qualities of cocoa powder from all over the world, mainly Africa and South America. We do not compromise the quality of our ice cream: our dark chocolate is very strong, bitter and powerful. For you and for all of us, who cannot resist this magic “food for the gods.”

If the quality of cocoa butter makes the difference in chocolate ice cream, our cream flavors are intimate unions of milk, fresh cream, honey-covered hazelnuts, poppy seed and many more ingredients, including the “Round and Gentle,” the unique hazelnut of the Langhe area, in Italy. You can enjoy it alone or mixed with the “Green Gold” of Bronte, the famous pistachio in Sicily.

For our fruit flavors, we love simplicity: only savory fresh fruits, water and sugar.

Our Flavors

Chocolate Flavors:
White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate (50%), Dark Chocolate, Orange Chocolate, Rhum Chocolate, Cinnamon Chocolate,
Ginger Chocolate, Chilli Chocolate, Amaretto Chocolate, Gianduia Chocolate (with Hazelnut and almond paste)

Cream Flavors:
Fiordilatte, Stracciatella, Nutellone, Cremino, Cream, Croccante Cream (with honey-covered hazelnuts), Honey and Poppy Seed Cream

Fruit Flavors

Mango, Lemon Strawberry, Wild Strawberry, Basil Lemon, Chocolate Pear